I am Happy

I am working on myself, spending more time with family and friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the progression of the build on the FR-S. I have taken some time, since the beginning of this year, to find myself. What do I do to find happiness?

I took a few months to be alone and think, and I will be forever grateful for the time I took. In May, I began to take Jiujitsu Classes and it has been the most fun I have had in a long time. My instructors and friends I make there have been the most positive and free-living people I have met. Skills-wise, I am progressing and I have a lot to learn; however, the few hours I get to fight live with these people each day are the moments I enjoy. On the other hand, I was also able to drop from 160 lbs to 145 in a matter of a few months. My stamina is back to the same level as I felt in high school.

At the end of the day, I am slowly finding my happiness again. Maybe one day, I can find someone to share this happiness with me! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy life and continue on my journey.

With happiness, comes with unfortunate events – at times. My father past away just last year, partially due to Covid. It was a rough couple of months, along with the breakup of my last relationship. To emphasize on the time I took for myself, I kept positive on the outcome and controlled it for my own.

For my Father’s death, he is in a way better place. He isn’t suffering anymore and I know that he is proud of what my brother and I have accomplished through out the years. Incredibly, I can “feel” that he is proud of us, and that I was able to find out that he wasn’t afraid to die. I hope to continue making him proud and be a great father to my future children and provide them a life that I have always wished to have.

For my breakup, this was sort of a blessing in disguise. I tried, with all of my might, to make my partner happy. Never once did I account for my own because I always told myself that if she was happy, I would be. I come to understand that the feelings I gave where not given back to me in return for a long time. I realize now I gave a lot of energy to please someone other than me, and that changes now. I will work for my happiness, and if another girl comes into my life that can enhance my happiness, I will surely share the same energy.

This year is going by fast and I am enjoying the journey of truly being happy. Just a headsup, I am getting my motorcycle license around September! I will still continue to post Modifications for my FR-S but definitely stick around for when I purchase a motorcycle to play around with (:

2022 is around the corner and its possible that I will start a new life in a new city, in the states. Stay tuned?

Big Small Community

It looks like I have many questions asking about coilovers and dampening setups. Thanks for all of the questions! I was able to answer all of the emails I got and I got to say that it’s exciting to see how big of a community this is building.

I plan on expanding more on gaming and staying consistent with car maintenance/DIYs. Let me know what you think, or if there is anything else you would like me to write about!

Its been a rough year.

Hi Friends,

I want to let everyone who reached out via email that I am looking at all of the replies and will answer as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for all of the visits! I noticed we broke over 5k this year and I couldn’t be more happy.

With COVID-19 taking over 2020, it has been a challenge to handle the workload I have while maintaining the communication with you all but I am back and ready for anything!

Much Love,


Memorial Day weekend! (half year update)

6 months! I shouldn’t even try to mention that I have been gone for so long but it’s pretty obvious. Many events, lots of food, and memories earned throughout this time. From the new year, to my first hackathon, to Memorial Day weekend.

I try to fit in the fun times where it doesn’t involve work. But, what if my work is pretty fun? Given more projects that involve more programming, it just makes me want some more (even having the idea to make a game with unity so I can play it).

My girlfriend got straight A’s this semester! In college, that’s god-like – in this case, goddess-like. I’m proud of her. We have this common knowledge and passion of tech that blows my mind. Oh, and, did I say she isn’t take a break? She’s completing summer classes and fall classes to finish off her degree. Bad. Ass.

The new suspension is on the car, fully adjusted, top hats, toe, and camber aligned, and ready for the wheels to get back on. Next, headers and a tune. We need more POWER.

Thats enough for today. It’s just great to be back (:

Holiday spirit

Just another Friday in Maryland, on the train going home. It’s not everyday when you get to see kindness coming from others, especially with what is going on currently in America. This feeling of kindness and support coming from others is amazing.

I was coming home from work on the train and it was connecting with a bus to take us to the last stop. The bus was full with seats and many people were tired; however, willing patient when offering other’s with their seats, assisting those who were in wheelchairs, and even passing out gifts to those in the bus.

Although not needed, people still felt the need to give. Giving. That’s something that this holiday can positively bring to this world. The act of giving. I was able to give my kindness by sharing my seat with a man who was surely tired from work, carrying all his bags with him. It wasn’t much but I knew he felt a bit of happiness when he said his thank-yous.

Sometimes, a simple act of kindness is the most wonderful gift of all. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a happy holidays!

Episode 175

Please do not read this is you are planning to watch the Naruto series! I warn you, there are plenty of spoilers below.

Naruto. A name you hear about a lot when kids speak about it, or maybe a millennial brings up their childhood, or maybe you just love eating Ramen. Either way, you may have heard this name once or twice in your life.

Yep, Naruto Uzumaki. This show has really shown a lot of imagery that could very well mirror the everyday events of today – almost as if it was foreshadowed by the creators. Nonetheless, the positive messages taught in this show give it its full value and is what makes this anime a great one to watch.

For those who are currently watching, keep going. For those who haven’t started, give it a chance. You’ll see it more than just a cartoon, but as a show with meaning. The episode I quote above made me truly believe in the power of Naruto’s story and how it can relate to the everyday struggles of depression.

Depression can be derive from any source. This could be from a breakup you had, maybe you just got let go of work, maybe you are anxious about how you look and you think people don’t like you. Sometimes it’s a battle against yourself. Naruto, as a child, has to face this reality. A boy who grew up with no parents and was a delinquent. He made trouble and started to act up because all he wanted was attention. Most of his classmates will never understand his true feelings because they have the blessing of parents that take care of them and motivate them.

In today’s society, we never take into account about what other people might be going through – whether they shows signs of depression or not. Naruto learned to hold a smile in the midst of all of the hatred he received. Kids called him weird, dumb, stupid, for what? Because he didn’t have parents? This isn’t a choice that children get to have. Naruto didn’t. I didn’t. My brothers haven’t. Many of my friends haven’t. It starts off tough.

Specifically and Metaphorically, Naruto fights “Pain” as his enemy in episode 175. Pain is a character whom was a refugee during the great ninja war (could be compared to world war 1). He fended for him and his friends, stealing food to eat, living in caves, etc. Anything he could do to help l, he would. He lost his parents during the Great War, where as a group of The enemy Shinobi (Ninja) broke into their home, although it was clear that the Pain and the family should have vacated the war zone. Pain and his family heard the Shinobi plundering any food they could find in the kitchen. Attempting to sneak out of the home, Pain accidentally alerted the ninja by knocking over a vase as they were escaping. Cautious, the Shinobi rushes to the noise and found his family. Pain’s father attempts to protect the family and gets stabbed in the chest in the process. The mother was later killed and Pain was next. Luckily, Pain has a secret power that worked to kill these Shinobi – the power of the rinnegan. The power of the rinnegan has been told to have similar powers of god, which can be used for destruction or creation, just by the force of power coming from the holder of this power.

Fast forward, back to the fight between Naruto and Pain, Naruto fights and fights and is able to weaken Pain to the point of death. Naruto falls back. He understands that hate is not the correct way to settle things in this world because “hate brings more hate”. Instead, Naruto fought Pain’s with the power of his words. Naruto spoke with Pain, Sympathizes with Pain, and proves to Pain about the dangers of how the world may be if pain and Hatred drives the world. Pain has already killed the many people that Naruto knows and loves and is able to still sympathize with Pain. On his final breath, Pain uses his powers to bring all of the dead back to life. Those who fought against Pain during the fight, who died, has been given a second chance at life.

This is a fictional story. There are times where people may want to hurt or kill, in this world, because they are getting picked on, harassed, or disposed. For those who are currently experiencing this, please keep your head up. Not a day goes by where I look back into the times where I felt this weird feeling… Even in middle school, where I had friends, and still felt as if no one cared. To this day, I am past college and have a small group of friends that loves the things I love. Most importantly, they care, the understand, and they motivate. They are like the friends I have always wished for in my life. Even better, I have a girlfriend who not only wants to better herself, but to better me as well. Not a day goes by where I felt this weird feeling….. of pain and overcome the depths and evil of pain to understand that happiness is found by the little things. Your little group of friends, your relationship, a fun car, etc. Thank you Pain, and most importantly, thank you Happiness.

Fixing my bouncy coilovers Pt. 2

If you are new to the blog and haven’t read Part 1, I recommend you check it out here.

I have put a lot of love into this story so I hope that you enjoy taking the time to read this!

Let me start off by saying that I have found the source to my issue and I am very happy to share it with everyone who is currently having trouble with their coilovers. You may have purchased them from a third-party seller, may have bought them from eBay, or purchased off of a forum – either way, you can never be too careful. I was lucky enough to purchase my Tein Street Basis Z coilovers on a reseller that sold the coilovers with the top-hats included for an amazing price. Almost $200 off the retail price, as it was on sale.

In the back of my mind, I thought it was to good to be true but I want to give it a try. They came in the original Tein box with no dents on the packaging. Unfortunately, this was one of my very few purchases of mods to my car and didn’t know much about them. I’m here to warn those who were willing to research before purchasing (or installing).

Issue: Ride was bouncy – felt like I was imitating a basketball. Normally bumps felt smooth – it’s the bouncing after the bump that makes the ride irritating. Even on smooth roads, I feel every little bounce and it dampens as I speed up.


Fix: In order to fix your bounce, the top perch must be secure and non-flimsy. This requires the following tools:

– Spanner Wrench (1): Only one is needed to the hold the top perch from moving or spinning while adjusting

– 21mm 1/2 inch deep Socket: this is needed to tighten the top-center shaft nut for the 2013-2016 FR-S (Socket size may vary for different car models)

Optional: Torque wrench: There isn’t a specific torque that was provided for specification; however, I have estimated about 41 ft/lb torque to be used for the top-center shaft nut (refer to image below).

Coilover diagram

Jack up the car and remove the front wheels. Once the wheels are removed, open the hood of your car to begin the process of tightening the top perch of the coilover.

While holding the top perch with the Spanner Wrench, use a ratchet or torque wrench to tighten the top-center shaft nut. Once torqued, you will feel resistance. Tighten to snug, do not over-torque.

Repeat the same process to the passenger side coilovers to ensure balance. Once complete, replace wheels back onto the car and allow the car a couple of minutes for the coilovers to set. Give a test drive and feel the difference of how smooth it is compared to the bounce it had before. Trust me, this relieved so much stress in my life. However, the process was very fun to figure out.

Once complete, your top perch should look similar to this:


Your bouncy issues should be fixed! Please be aware that normal bumps will be felt due to the works of the coilover and spring (a good thing) and shouldn’t have an excessive bounce after contact. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me and I will help/answer any questions you may have.

Disclaimer: I am not liable for any damage or injuries caused with the modification of your car. This post was made from personal experience and should be read as a guidance and not professional work. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL. I complete work on my own car and I understand the risks. I undergo a lot of research and spoke with Tein customer service for confirmation.

Fixing my bouncy coilovers

These things have been a pain for the past 3 weeks. I have adjusted my preload, made sure all sides are symmetrical with ride height, and I have noticed that I haven’t touched the dampening knob. Originally, I had it set to 6 clicks from full stiff, andI now know that was a bad idea. Especially after installing my new wheels. FRS, next to Miata, Lifted on jack stands.

The installation of the wheels were flawless, definitely a huge thanks to my friend Daniel. With the new wheels on, I now have to factor in the weight, adding to the bounciness.

After many hours of research and endless tinkering, I have been able to find out that you must complete these steps in order to see huge improvement with the stability of your suspension set up (fresh install of coilovers or installing aftermarket wheels):

– Pre-load: Coilovers normally come preloaded. If you bought coilovers from a third party vendor and you notice that the coils are sliding back and forth from the suspension shaft, be sure to loosen the top locking gears and tighten coil by hand until you feel contact with the underside of the tophat. Do not use Spanner Wrenchs, unless necessary (track purposes)

– Ride Height: Set to however you please. Stance gods, I have dropped mine to 2” in the front, and 2 3/8” in the rear (measured from top locking link to the bottom locking link) I can barely fit my fingers in and I get no rub, even on full wheel lock!

-Dampening: PLEASE. I say this with great importance, but please start on Full Soft and work your way towards stiff dampening by increments of THREE clicks. I have learned the hard way.

If you follow these steps above, all that is left is getting an alignment and your problems should be solved. If you are still experiencing issues with your suspension set up, let me know and I can assist you much further. Good luck!

Just in time for Halloween

I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend this weekend! I had dinner with her family, had plenty of time to study, and even fit in time to finally take care of the “bouncing” issue my car had.

I do apologize for the lack of posts, I have been using a lot of time to work on my programming and I have done more work in two weeks than I could ever do in a semester in class. Needless to say, I have plenty of stories to tell.

I hope everyone has been enjoying life so far and thank you for your patience!

Diode Dynamics/Winjet Foglight Kit 

First, I want to introduce how I was brought to complete this unnecessary but possible combination. I was driving late at night, on a public road, and was turning into the highway when I encountered a raccoon. As hopeful as I was at the time, the raccoon was making its way across the street and I slowed down to give it time. As I was speeding up as it was out of the way, it decided to move back and made contact with my front bumper. I drove all the way hope to find out that my front foglight bezel is missing and the foglight frame arms have broken off. This was VERY unfortunate, but that’s the past.

What I kept on my car, previously installed were:

 – H11 foglight harness with connectors

– Stainless steel mounting hardware set (4 screws, 4 wing nuts, 4 washers)

– 4 T-Tap wire connectors

The new hardware I installed were:

– 2 H11 Yellow Glass-lens foglight assemblies, (interchangeable left and right), with 55W H11 halogen bulbs

– 2 Gloss Black Fog/turn bezels (left and right side)

If you have read this far, YES THIS WORKS. I took this path because I hated how the insides of the Diode Dynamics foglight assemblies got dirty very quickly. I also wanted the yellow glass on the foglights for a cleaner look (with LEDS On and Off) and the gloss bezels to match with my raven black paint. 

Installation took only 20 minutes and I love how it looks. To those who aren’t following my instagram, my new tires are in and the wheels are coming soon!