Memorial Day weekend! (half year update)

6 months! I shouldn’t even try to mention that I have been gone for so long but it’s pretty obvious. Many events, lots of food, and memories earned throughout this time. From the new year, to my first hackathon, to Memorial Day weekend.

I try to fit in the fun times where it doesn’t involve work. But, what if my work is pretty fun? Given more projects that involve more programming, it just makes me want some more (even having the idea to make a game with unity so I can play it).

My girlfriend got straight A’s this semester! In college, that’s god-like – in this case, goddess-like. I’m proud of her. We have this common knowledge and passion of tech that blows my mind. Oh, and, did I say she isn’t take a break? She’s completing summer classes and fall classes to finish off her degree. Bad. Ass.

The new suspension is on the car, fully adjusted, top hats, toe, and camber aligned, and ready for the wheels to get back on. Next, headers and a tune. We need more POWER.

Thats enough for today. It’s just great to be back (:

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