I am Happy

I am working on myself, spending more time with family and friends, meeting new people, and enjoying the progression of the build on the FR-S. I have taken some time, since the beginning of this year, to find myself. What do I do to find happiness?

I took a few months to be alone and think, and I will be forever grateful for the time I took. In May, I began to take Jiujitsu Classes and it has been the most fun I have had in a long time. My instructors and friends I make there have been the most positive and free-living people I have met. Skills-wise, I am progressing and I have a lot to learn; however, the few hours I get to fight live with these people each day are the moments I enjoy. On the other hand, I was also able to drop from 160 lbs to 145 in a matter of a few months. My stamina is back to the same level as I felt in high school.

At the end of the day, I am slowly finding my happiness again. Maybe one day, I can find someone to share this happiness with me! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy life and continue on my journey.

With happiness, comes with unfortunate events – at times. My father past away just last year, partially due to Covid. It was a rough couple of months, along with the breakup of my last relationship. To emphasize on the time I took for myself, I kept positive on the outcome and controlled it for my own.

For my Father’s death, he is in a way better place. He isn’t suffering anymore and I know that he is proud of what my brother and I have accomplished through out the years. Incredibly, I can “feel” that he is proud of us, and that I was able to find out that he wasn’t afraid to die. I hope to continue making him proud and be a great father to my future children and provide them a life that I have always wished to have.

For my breakup, this was sort of a blessing in disguise. I tried, with all of my might, to make my partner happy. Never once did I account for my own because I always told myself that if she was happy, I would be. I come to understand that the feelings I gave where not given back to me in return for a long time. I realize now I gave a lot of energy to please someone other than me, and that changes now. I will work for my happiness, and if another girl comes into my life that can enhance my happiness, I will surely share the same energy.

This year is going by fast and I am enjoying the journey of truly being happy. Just a headsup, I am getting my motorcycle license around September! I will still continue to post Modifications for my FR-S but definitely stick around for when I purchase a motorcycle to play around with (:

2022 is around the corner and its possible that I will start a new life in a new city, in the states. Stay tuned?

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