Holiday spirit

Just another Friday in Maryland, on the train going home. It’s not everyday when you get to see kindness coming from others, especially with what is going on currently in America. This feeling of kindness and support coming from others is amazing.

I was coming home from work on the train and it was connecting with a bus to take us to the last stop. The bus was full with seats and many people were tired; however, willing patient when offering other’s with their seats, assisting those who were in wheelchairs, and even passing out gifts to those in the bus.

Although not needed, people still felt the need to give. Giving. That’s something that this holiday can positively bring to this world. The act of giving. I was able to give my kindness by sharing my seat with a man who was surely tired from work, carrying all his bags with him. It wasn’t much but I knew he felt a bit of happiness when he said his thank-yous.

Sometimes, a simple act of kindness is the most wonderful gift of all. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and a happy holidays!